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New Hope Village Shelpachy, Ukraine
New Hope Village
Shelpachy, Ukraine

"Whatever you do unto the least of these brothers, you do unto me."
-Matthew 25:40 "NIV"


The Saluda Charitable Foundation is a faith based Christian humanitarian group dedicated to serving those in need. We are headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina, and have served on four continents.

While we do not seek financial support from others, we do "partner" with like-minded Christian individuals and organizations to achieve common goals. In these partnerships we are proud of our financial and spiritual accountability. Only local, indigenous staff members are paid salaries or expenses.

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Thanks for visiting us and may God bless your charitable endeavors,

Curtis Loftis, Jr.

Project Information Updates

Summer 2017:  Dr. Rik Celie from Doctors On Mission spent a month in Haiti working with children in the remote mountains. It is a pleasure to finance his transportation and expenses for medicine and equipment.

Winter/Spring 2017:  Food Pantry Sophia begins again after the Christmas Holiday and the staff is doing a fantastic job. There is lots of uncertainty in Ukraine; the food stuffs distributed by Sophia is a great help to the poor.

Winter/Spring 2017:  Doctors On Mission is back in Bolivia and SCF is proud to provide the funding for the mission.

Fall 2016:  Food Pantry Sophia starts as the participants return from the countryside and their family gardens. It is just like a family reunion!

Fall 2016:  Happy to finance Doctors On Mission trip to Haiti. After the hurricane, the need is greater than ever!!

Winter/Spring 2016:  Food Pantry Sophia is back after a very cold Christmas Holiday.

Winter/Spring 2016:  We are pleased to provide transportation to missionaries “moving” around the globe as they serve folks on different continents. 

June 2013:  Sophia closes for the summer. We have had a wonderful year despite a cold winter and much illness in our group!

April 2013:  Sophia passes the 400,000 meal mark! Praise God....we have been truly blessed!

September 2012:  Food Pantry Sophia begins with a record number of clients. Our Management team returns for another year!

June 2012:  Food Pantry Sophia closes for the summer after having a record year of service. Thanks to the staff and volunteers for their tireless efforts.

November 2011:  Curtis Loftis elected State Treasurer of South Carolina. Turns day to day operations over to Ihor Volk.

July 2011: Curtis Loftis visits Ternopil. The primary purpose for the ten day trip was to survey the Food Panrty Sophia, perform home visits of families we serve, and to meet with government and humanitarian officials.

June 2011: Food Pantry Sophia closes for summer. Meal count surpasses 300,000 and a small celebration is held to honor another year of service.

January 2011: Food Pantry Sophia moves to new location, donated to us by a Ukrainian businessman and humanitarian. This is a tremendous benefit to us.

December 2010: December 2010: Christmas season is here, and the Food Pantry will distribute Christmas goodies to the children, as well has normal food stuffs.

August 2010: Devastating fires in Ukraine and Russia are threatening the livelihoods of the people in Eastern Europe. We ask you to pray for their safety.

July 2010: Traveled to Ukraine to work with our Foundation in Ternopil. It is always a blessing to meet and spend time with the families we work with!

February 2010: Update! We have now reached the 170,000 meal mark.

February 2010: In late January Saluda Charitable surpassed the 100,000 meal mark! Hooray! What a blessing!

February 2010: Ukraine is having a particularly brutal winter, and national elections. Both of these are disruptive to the poor people that we serve. We humbly ask that you pray for the families of the Food Pantry Sofia.

January 2010: Prices for food in Ukraine are skyrocketing. We have pledged to our clients that we will not cut back on the amount of foodstuffs they receive. In fact, we hope to increase that amount as certainly the purchasing power of our clients in rapidly diminishing.

December 2009: Christmas is almost here. We have purchased gifts for all the children, and have increased the ration of several foods.

November 2009: This month required additional resources to help our people as rampant illness has propelled many of our clients further into poverty. We are purchasing more food, medical supplies, and extending more cash supplements than ever before. But as always, �we asked, and we received!�

October 2009: The staff and its clients have weathered the flu epidemic and continued to operate with only the briefest period of closure. For that we credit only God�and to him we give our many thanks.

September 2009: Food Pantry Sophia beginning its 2009-10 session. Even though we have increased the number of people served, the needs of the community once again outstrip our ability to serve them.

July 2009: Celebrated the graduation of the first law school graduate of the SCF funded Eugene Volk Scholarship (dedicated to students that wish to be public advocated)

January 2009: SCF began and funded a program to provide legal action on behalf of those that cannot defend themselves. We are active in areas of employment, housing, and orphan rights. We have a 100% victory rate!

January 2009: SCF began small, pilot scholarship program in San Jose, Costa Rica.

January 2009: SCF partnered local missionary group to provide scholarships in Quito, Ecuador

January 2009: SCF continued funding for Doctors on Mission.

November 2008: SCF began a program to furnished cash supplements for urgent medical and or housing needs to families that are the Food Pantry. Approximately 30 grants have been made so far, ranging from rent subsidies to payment for medicines or surgeries.

September 2008: The Food Pantry Sophia opens. The need for food and other staples is greater than ever, and we had to turn away many families. We are now feeding 120 families (primarily single mothers that have children with disabilities) and could easily double that number if funds were available. We have distribution twice a week, and each family is given food stuffs, dairy products, sugar and bread, and diapers as needed. This program is essential for these families and the health of their children.

July 2008: As scheduled, SCF released the New Hope village back to the county government. It was sad to relinquish control of the Village and we certainly enjoyed our time there. We wish the county well in their endeavors, and hope to partner with them again.

June 2008: We are pleased to send 10 residents of the Glenn Spring Boys Academy of Pauline (near Spartanburg, SC), along with their chaperons, on the trip of a lifetime. In August, these boys will be flown to British Columbia, Canada, where they will enjoy a fun-filled week of outside adventure. For most of the boys it will be a week of firsts... airplanes, international travel and outside sports as only the Canadian West can offer. For more information on Glenn Springs and the fine work they do, please visit

June 2008: 43,360! That is the number of meals provided by the Saluda Charitable Foundation in Ukraine from 1/1/08 to 6/31/08. This is the highest number of meals we have ever provided in a 6-month period and it shows the ever-expanding need that the financial situation there is causing.

May 2008: The January 1st to June 30th room nights at our Senior Home will total 3,620. This is up 20% from the same period in 2007.

January 2008: Granddaughter of Saluda-Ternopil President Ihor Vovk born to Alex and Vikka, her name is Irene.

January 2008: Food Pantry Sofia is serving 110 handicapped and poor children with a well-balanced ration of food. The pantry also serves as a distribution point for clothes, medicines and other donated items.

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